The Journey Has Begun

Welcome to Kabathan, a planet peopled with cultures inspired by different genres: fantasy, sci-fi, noir, martial arts, steampunk, horror, mythology, and so on.

Peace was always kept between them by a sentient, crystalline relic called The Oniyum, the planet’s oldest, most revered artifact.  Shared and passed between the tribes for centuries, it became the center of their world order and the source of each culture’s evolution. Whatever mild friction existed between the tribes, the Oniyum kept it at bay. Until the Oniyum inexplicably vanishes, leaving behind disaster and war in its wake.

Inspired by the Genre Wars film competition created by Ron Newcomb, this web series takes the concept to a whole new level, transforming it into an all-new, stand-alone sci-fi/ fantasy adventure called Genre Wars: Resistance Rising.

The Journey begins here. This series, developed by Justin Moe and Robin Farrell, tells of the events that follows the disappearance of the Oniyum, causing all chaos to break loose.

The wars continue now, but there is a small light shining in the midst of the darkness.
Will you join us on this journey?

2 thoughts on “The Journey Has Begun

  1. A very good friend told me about your passion project. At first glance I was blown away by your professional and imaginative site. I eagerly look forward to watching your creative efforts come to life.

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