Season 1 Writing Process

We have reached the point of the writing process where we could make tweaks and revisions forever. At some point you need to say “This is good enough.” That doesn’t mean that the script is bad and you have to settle for less-than-ideal, but it means that you have reached a milestone with the writing process and it’s time to take the project to the next stage. the thing to remember is that the script will always be changing. It can be written a certain way, but once you move into production itself, there are many things that will affect the filming process and adjustments will need to be made based on location and time. Furthermore, when the script finds its way into the hands of the actors, they might find that certain pieces of dialogue just don’t sound the same way when spoken as they did when written. Therefore, more adjustments will need to be made. The point is, you need to write the best script you can, then let it run it’s course in the rest of the project steps.

The script for Genre Wars season 1, Resistance Rising, is very in depth with plot and character development. I give a shout out to Robin Farrell for the excellent writing!
Now with with the full first season written in screenplay form, we are moving forward with the casting process and acquiring crew members. Our plan is to officially start production mid-summer of this year.

-Justin Moe