Day IX

Say Hello To My Little Friends

Shouts were heard in the distance. Our journey took us to the pine grove on the border of Legren’s settlement.  Everyone was there! As we crossed the first patch of tall evergreens,
we immediately heard gunfire and the sound of ricochets off the bark. The grove was filled with yet another tribe yet to be introduced here.

They were chasing someone! Our entire group engaged in a firefight skirmish.

Bullets, energy pulses, and magical blasts rapidly filled the area, causing immense chaos!




Though before the chaotic uproar, Tali found Sethera,
bringing news from Legren about another attack.TaliSummonsSethera

Today was our first day with the 1920s Gangsters. We had a core group of extras show up in suits,
ready to be given their hat and their gun. The Film Noir genre had officially been introduced to the series.
This was a much easier day because the amount of make-up was extremely minimal!
The biggest make-up jobs were just the specifics of some of the main characters, like Sethera’s ears for example.P1030871

P1030808 P1030809

Today we really had no DP, so Nathan stepped up to run one camera, while Robin used her own camera. We mostly got coverage of the Gangsters themselves, but we did
get some footage of Justin and Marisa as Reman and Jenda entering the fray.



We also had Kassie Culling come back to join us.  She had originally come to the concept photo shoot on June 1st and portrayed a woodland elf.
But today she came back and dawned a different uniform.  This new look is one of a royal guard of the High Kingdom!


It was neat to introduce another genre into the mix!  And, like with the Zombies, this was only day one. More Mobster action was to come!


DAY X >>


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