Day V

High-Tech Culture Clash

Day five took us to an environment with blinking lights and beeping sounds. This was a small two room structure, but it was clear that this was no ordinary house. Inside were hologram panels and grid lights. Three Mech soldiers came onto the scene, and their mission was simple; simple in words, but maybe not in actions.Mech Trio

There was yet another clash of cultures as “Sarian” and Mech found themselves in the same space together. The information being discussed surprised the Mechs, especially the sister of Reman, who demonstrated how serious she was in getting answers from this crafty “Sarian”JendaConfrontsSethera

Oddly enough, this Fantasarian was not fazed, even though she was outnumbered.SetheraConfrontsJenda

Today we had our SAG actress come on set for the very first time, Marisa Hood, who plays Reman’s older sister, Jenda. She flew in from L.A. to be in this production, and we were very glad to welcome her on board. She met those of us that she didn’t know yet, including Chloe Burns, who would later engage Marisa in a tense banter of dialogue. But pictured here, both Chloe and Marisa evaluate the other’s choice of weapon.DLM_2415DLM_2418

Our job today was to create a Mech safehouse out of a normal garden supply shed. With some sheet metal donations and the help of Dl Moody with his plethora of LED lights, we were able to create an Mech Tech environment that looked like it came straight out of a Sci-Fi channel TV show!MechSafeHouseSet

We also had Chris Chang lend his camera crane, which allowed us to get some fantastic shots! Our thanks goes out to him for his generosity. Nathan came to set to help out on crew and brought his girlfriend, Renee Bertaux, who helped slate some of the shots with dialogue.AaronJustinCrane2 AaronJustinCrane

This was the first time that we had a scene that took place in a Hi Tech environment. It was a little difficult to re-focus and remember that we didn’t need to mask every little modern object in the room, as we would if it were a medieval/fantasy set. This made things a little bit easier. Still, having a Hi Tech set presents its challenges. The day and evening went very well! we got some really cool footage!


BTS Photos by DL Moody, Robin Farrell

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