Day I

Elves and Mechs Take The Screen

Principle photography officially kicked off today, July 29th, 2013!

Through the rich, green forest surrounding Legren’s camp,the Elves, Tali and Telena, crept (and ran) along their hunting path, swiftly firing arrows at oncoming foes.

Elf Twins
Later, a Mech soldier had a conversation with a best friend of his that begins to answer the question of  “Stay or Go?”

Overall, it was an extremely successful first day!
It was so exciting to finally see tangible footage of the project that we have been planning for so many months before.  First Unit Director of Photography, Aaron Rosene, brought together all his gear and displayed his skill and creative eye while Robin Farrell managed and organized the set as First Assistant Director, ensuring that we stayed on schedule.


There was also on-set finalizing of make-up and wardrobe for some characters for whom we made our own prop arrows and even a quiver.  These made wonderful additions to the elves’ overall costume design. P1030448

Film sets exist in the realm of the unexpected. One minute, you’re elbow-deep in the middle of a serious scene, moving smoothly.  The next minute, you are laughing your head off for five minutes straight because your sound situation has been completely compromised by a roaring chain saw in the distance at 8:00 in the evening; not to mention silly remarks from the DP and the actors.

The quote of the day went to Cameron Cox: “What is it, 8:00? Looks like I’m gonna whack my grass right now.”

At the end of the day, it’s having fun during this process that counts.  There is no turning back now! Full speed ahead on this epic journey!


BTS photos by Robin Farrell


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