Serenity, Conflict and Resolution

The sound of chickens, goats, and horses drifted through the air. It didn’t take long to figure out where we were. We didn’t quite know what to expect as two people from very different backgrounds, or so it seems, found themselves in conversations that would ultimately be a turning point for one of them, or maybe both. A Mech pilot tried to reach out and find some common ground with a “Sarian,” who has up until this point done nothing but show a hatred for him, and anyone like him. But where does this hate come from?


Today was a crucial day because we had two very important scenes to get in the can. While Genre Wars is full of scenes that focus on entertainment and action, it is balanced by scenes of specific character development. That was today!  

The two scenes we shot were among the most important of the season, and, therefore, of the series thus far.   We had so many people step up to help us accomplish this, from those who provided extra cameras and equipment, helped block out a small stunt, and made arrangements so one of our actresses could interact with a horse, to those who simply held torches for fire light, prepared and brought us coffee, and helped with some last minute make-up decisions.0IMG_41991_44

We had Chloe Burns, who plays the jaded “Sethera,” on set for the first time since production commenced. It may have been for just a moment, but we happened to catch a glimpse of a completely different side  to this Fantasarian, which we have never seen before.A Moment of Serenity
You can easily see an actor’s talent when they arrive on set their first day prepared, eager, and more than able to pull off a masterful performance.  Chloe did just that, performing among her most emotionally demanding  and text-heavy scenes.

Though, she had ample time to get into character while her prosthetic ears were being applied.


We were also joined by Devin Connor, who stepped in to run sound for the day.  0IMG_41991_54Our thanks go out to him for taking on this very important task!0IMG_41991_42

Up until today, running the sound mixer and operating the boom had fallen, largely, to Robin Farrell (First Assistant Director). So it was a load off her shoulders having Devin join us. Robin continued her duties as First A.D. and Production Manager, while also, today, stepping up as Script Supervisor, which was considerably helpful for these intense, dialogue-heavy scenes.

DL Moody (right) arrived on set to act as Second Unit Director of Photography alongside First Unit DP, Aaron Rosene (left) and they were then joined, too, by Jenna Miller (below) during the filming of our scene at night.


With the combination of all three cameras (and these stellar camera operators), we were able to complete the scene much more quickly and efficiently, leaving us with a fantastic amount of beautiful coverage.

And, yes, there were kittens.


As such, the quote of the day belonged to Jenna:
“5Ds? I like those almost as much as I like kittens.”

It felt awesome to have two major scenes completed after this third day, aside from a few pick-ups.  We would be taking short production break, to pick back up again on Saturday August 3rd!

BTS photos by Jenna Miller, DL Moody, Robin Farrell 



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