Day IV

New Arrivals and Briefings by Firelight

And we were back!  

Day four brought several new faces to set. Kayla, in usual fine form as Telena, was joined by the sarcastic, jovial, and sometimes blunt warrior, Brock, played by Genre Wars veteran JD Medlock (left), along with Glenn Forde (center), newcomer to the Genre Wars project as a whole, happy to be joining us to portray the witty and highly-skilled mage, Xettar.  And, last but certainly not least, the leader of the settlement, Legren, played by Nathan Moe (right).BriefingByFireSide1

Though Glenn and Nathan had never met, it quickly seemed as though they’d known each other for quite some time.Nathan and Glenn Meet
Once the cameras were rolling, the scene included Brock, Telena and Xettar, tending to the wounded from an attack from the previous story day. A conversation with Legren followed, which revealed that plans are not going quite as smoothly as he would like. According to Brock, the setbacks are considerable.ZX1A2129 Medical Hall1 Brock

After finishing a scene that takes place in the medical room of the main assembly hall, we moved from Anne Moe’s house to our second location, Walter Fountain’s property. We then proceeded to film a scene by the fire pit. Here, we had DL Moody step in front of the camera for the first time, portraying his character, Mason, who is one of the Mech trio, who go to find Reman after. Cameron Cox returned as his character, Garen, as well.

In this fireside scene, Legren warns everyone of the dangers before them in the days ahead. He reminds them of just how radical a movement on which they are embarking.NathanJustinCameronDL

Things have gone well so far! We are looking forward to the many days ahead. These were just dialogue scenes, but they still present challenges. This was our second night scene so far. There is only so much light, but we found a way to help with that.

It was a successful day four!

BTS Photos by DL Moody, Jenna Miller


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