Day VI

The Walking Kabathan Dead

Today gave us a little bit of a fright on this journey. Never until now did we have a horde of zombies come out of nowhere and wreak havoc everywhere!

Cowboy Zombie

The town rose to a panic. Civilians were ordered to flee to the safe zone. Where did these things come from? What is their origin? The fighters we are following on this journey had a tough challenge today, but we did get to see each of their combat skills in action!

Zombies Approach

This was the start of some major shoot days. We had many extras show up to get into zombie make-up and roll in the mud, which was actually very comical to see. It’s not everyday that you are told “Go out and roll in the mud until those clothes get tattered and dirty.” We got to have several characters do some fighting for the first time on set, which was pretty fun. Fight scenes are always challenging because they are structured much differently that dialogue scenes. The pacing has to stay at a certain level without making the scene confusing. It was neat, however, to see modern day-looking zombies clash with the medieval/fantasy look of the Fantasarians. This was one of those moments where you saw a complete clash of genre, but it still worked in this setting.


We also had extras show up to be towns people, who are running away from the oncoming zombies. It’s not until you have these people to play local townsfolk that you realize what you missing when you don’t have any background actors. You realize just how much it adds to the scene. Our thanks goes out to all those who came to help out and be an extra on set. It truly made a difference.

Watching A Clip

This was only the first day of Zombies!
There was more to come!


BTS Photos by DL Moody

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