Everyone Must Come Together

Today was a calmer day on the journey. Legren gathered everyone to discuss his plans for moving forward.  A confirmation of a new member added a new dynamic to the group, both positive and negative.


Later, there were reprimands and encouragements in two pieces of dialogue that embody two main sides of the story.


Today was a nice break from the crazy zombie fight sequence days before.
We had Becca Valdes on set again to help with set design, and she created the main Assembly Hall for our “Council of Legren” scene, as we like to call it.  The set turned out brilliantly!
Incorporating our lighting technique for firelight, we were able to get some beautiful low light shots inside the Assembly Hall structure.BeccaAndSet3Edit

We used the crane once again, trying to make the most of it while we had it.
Aaron Rosene was our “DP and Grip and Electric in a box.”  He was the one who knew how to work the crane, and he would set it up and tear it down each day.AaronOnSet

This was Aaron’s last day with us on the production. He had to prepare for college coming up and therefore had to return home after this shoot.  Our deepest thanks goes to Aaron for all the work he did up till this point. He truly was our third wheel, in a positive way.  His energy and enthusiasm added so much to our team! We knew that we would miss having him there.ThankYouToAaron

To conclude this day, we shot a very simple scene on the porch of my grandmother’s house.  This two-part scene was comprised of simple dialogue between Legren and Reman, and Legren and Sethera.  The scenes were simple, but the context was huge.

From here, we move to another couple days of fight sequences, but this time it’s different…



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