The Tribes

Medieval Fantasy

Most of season one will take place in or around Fantasarian territory and most of the characters come from this society.  Their methods of fighting range from swordplay and archery of the highest caliber to various forms of Magic-use.  In this series, Magic is a physical and tangible thing on Kabathan, something akin to an organic substance or element.  It is thought by some to be sentient and connected to, possibly even directly stemmed from the Onyium.  Evasive and mysterious, though, only some can actually channel it and use it at all, let alone well.


The other dominant tribe of the series, from which many of the other leading characters come.  The culture is based and focuses on technology and, more specifically, machinery and robotics.  These “mechanisms” vary in size, shape, style and combat ability. The Mech’s military capitol, called ICORE, is the source and holder of the primary Mech Combat Machines, which are piloted by experienced ground/air combat soldiers. Assisting the Mech Machines are infantry units, wielding an assortment of pulse/energy weapons and devices. The members of the Mech tribe dwell in futuristic cities and towns, taking advantage of the most advanced technologies.

Gangsters and Film Noir

Inspired by the look and lifestyle of the 1920s and 1930s, this tribe primarily dwells in a city environment. There are those who are native to this culture, and there are others, who are a sort of collective of outcasts from various tribes that don’t really belong anywhere.  Sort of the antithesis of the Jallorian Knights.  No Magic-users or skilled specialists are among the “Mobsters,” as they are called by others; mostly just devious scoundrels.  They scrounge and do their dark dealings all over Kabathan – hence the name. In the main city of the Gangster territory, there are the dark dealers, but there are also normal city folk, who try to stay out of the Mobster business.




As their name states, this tribe relies on technology and machinery similar to that of the Mechs, but with an emphasis on steam and a strong influence from the surrounding cultures of their neighbors, the Fantasarians and, more significantly, the Wranglers, located just south of them.  In fact, rumors abound that the Steampunks and Wranglers have formed an alliance and are working together.  No proof of this has been seen yet, but they have managed to hold their own during wartime, especially amidst the raids of Orcs and Vampians when they venture west out of their hiding places in the nearby woods and mountain ranges.

Martial Arts

Seen here and there throughout the areas of Kabathan. They are a warrior group that focuses on hand-to-hand combat, fighting with intricacy unmatched by many others. They have also found a way to uniquely harness various elemental powers and put them to use, much like fantasarian magic, but different enough that it can compete with both fantasarian and other magic forms. They usually keep to themselves in their smaller, but well-developed territory, as well as occupying various micro-settlements.

[Classic]/[Contemporary] Horror: Zombies

If there were tribes that would lean toward an antagonist side, it would be these two. They have sprung up since corruption has infiltrated the council and the rest of the war-infested world of Kabathan. Reasoning with them is very hard to do.


Taking up the southwest corner of the Eastern continent, this tribe resides in some of the most desolate and, equally abundant areas of Kabathan.  Wranglers hold a lot of power, due to their farming resources and stocks of food supply.  Their biggest conflict lies with the Vampians, who constantly cross their borders, even before the wars, which only increased the fighting between them, exponentially.  Their weaponry and technology is not especially advanced, but they rely on technology and man-made firearms rather than Magic, like their Fantasarian neighbors.


Classic Horror: Vampires

Fairly new to the governmental order on Kabathan, Vampians have always been subject to suspicion and distrust from the other tribes.  Like Vampires of traditional lore, they are the undead; monsters, vulnerable only to stakes, decapitation, and light, either that of the sun or the Oniyum itself.  Vampians were considered a pestilence, little more than wild animals, no different from Orcs, until recent years, when their Queen arranged a legal truce with the Council and they became part of it.  Any Vampians acting out of accordance with the Council’s ruling were considered to be acting outside of the Queen’s authority, their lives subject to termination by any other tribe, including other Vampians themselves.  The most common dealers of punishment to the Vampians are the Wranglers, with whom they share borders.  Once the wars began, however, the Vampians reverted back to their old ways, acting as terrorizing creatures of the night.


Located in the northernmost territory on Kabathan, the Vikings share a border with the Fantasarians.  Like the Steampunks and Wranglers, there are rumors that the Vikings and Fantasarians are war-allies.  They were certainly on good term prior to the disappearance of the Oniyum.  Their cultures are very similar, using hand-made weaponry like swords, axes, maces and shields, but there is a noticeable absence of Magic in their tribe, and those that do use it are not Magic-users themselves, but have purchased or pillaged Magical weapons or trinkets.  They are a people of striking physical size and prowess and therefore are extremely formidable in battle.  They are also skilled sailors and are truly the only seafaring match for Kabathan’s Pirates.


Like the Mobsters, this collective of sea-faring outlaws are an assortment of various outcasts of other tribes that have united under slightly savage conditions.  Mostly a disjointed group of independent crews, they patrol the main waterways between the two continents on Kabathan and take up residence on a smattering of islands, south of both continents.  They are not part of the Tribal Council and do not involve themselves in the politics.  The wars, ultimately serve their thieving lifestyle; more activity on the ocean provides them more vessels to plunder and steal from.  They keep to the south, however; and very rarely venture north, beyond Steampunk boundaries to avoid clashing with the Vikings.  Weaponry, attire and overall culture pertain to their nautical existence.  Their weapons are most similar to that of Steampunks and Wranglers, but they’ll use whatever they can pillage from unfortunate ships and crews that cross their paths.

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