The Story

The planet Kabathan is peopled with cultures inspired by different genres: Fantasarians, Mechs, Nenjin, Wranglers, Steampunks, Mobsters, Vampians, Necromancers, Vikings, and Pirates.  Peace was always kept between them by a sentient, crystalline relic called The Oniyum. Shared and passed between the tribes for centuries, it became the center of their world order and the source of each culture’s evolution. Whatever mild friction existed between the tribes, the Oniyum kept it at bay.


During the reign of the Fantasarians, the Oniyum inexplicably vanishes, leaving behind disaster and war in its wake.  The Tribal Council gathers immediately, only to descend into a fury of chaos and aggression.  The confusion and fear spawn irrational allegations; most aimed at the Fantasarians, accused of stealing the Oniyum for themselves to  greedily usurp its power. Their representatives deny any such subterfuge and claim that they have been set up, all of which only leads to more fighting.  War comes to Kabathan.

No trust is left between tribes. The Jallorian Knights, Kabathan’s unbiased peacekeepers  begin a search and investigation, attempting to solve the mystery – to find the Oniyum and restore the former order – but it soon falls by the wayside as their primary purpose becomes to stop the incessant violence.

Our story begins here: five years into the global conflict, the worst their world has ever seen, and the Oniyum is still missing.  The planet is in disarray, tribe fighting tribe. Mechs, Nenjin, Wranglers, Steampunks, Mobsters, Vampians, Necromancers, Vikings, and Pirates all trying to annihilate each other. The Fantasarians officially stand accused of the theft, but they refuse to confess or back down, which only deepens the conflict.

After a particularly deadly explosion erupts on the outskirts of Fantasarian land, Reman — a young, fast-advancing pilot for the Mech Republic — is assigned an unusually important solo mission to investigate.



Alone, on the other side of the planet, deep in wild, Fantasarian country, trouble finds Reman immediately. Ambushed and taken captive, he finds himself surrounded by his culture’s oldest enemies; Elves, Wizards and the acrid stench of Magic.


He prepares to sacrifice himself in the name of war, but then is, instead, confronted with a new question: is there a need for war at all?

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